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игра дурак на реальные деньги с реальными людьми

Игра дурак на реальные деньги с реальными людьми

I would never listen to his advice based upon his history even though he is successful, his success cannot be repeated. Simply because of Chapter 2 and Chapter 5. It discusses investment broker actual returns and debunks many of the common beliefs among the uneducated majority regarding how to make money with investing or retirement plans. The way this chapter is organized regarding the myths of the market игра дурак на реальные деньги с реальными людьми annuities is invaluable.

This is the best chapter of the book bar игра дурак на реальные деньги с реальными людьми. Going through this book you can see that Tony actually cares to help the uneducated average investor gain the tools to invest both wisely and and safely. These people have care about the common investor above selling books or making money. While some of the information may be a little outdated in one or two of these books, these are still the best of the best by far. Dave Ramsey(We all know about his books, very good for basic advice regarding personal budgeting, not better than the previously mentioned writers or their titles though)David Bach (Automatic millionaire, Fight for your Money)Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad)Ramit Sethi (I will teach you to be rich)Thomas Stanley (Millionaire next door)Are there any people you should be watching when it comes to how they are investing their money.

Only two in игра дурак на реальные деньги с реальными людьми opinion. Warren Buffet and Carl Icahn. Watch what Warren Buffet does because he has insider access to large changes in the economy and the government, and watch Carl Игры на телефон для заработка денег because he creates huge changes in companies by forcing their management to become better in every way and with that usually comes great returns for shareholders.

Verified Purchase Did you ever watch somebody and thought "I really dont like this guy.

He is so commercial, he is so fake. Then the marketing machine somehow hooked me and I bought his book. He has no respect for your time. Even the good ideas touched upon in this book such as the principles of compounding were presented in a way that left me unimpressed.

In case you did not know, equities are much more volatile than bonds. Well, you heard it now. Read John Bogle or Benjamin Graham. This форум игры на деньги в интернете от ended in the bin.

The notion of investing in Mutual Funds was completely obliterated, this Игра дурак на реальные деньги с реальными людьми definitely support.

Just index guys, through DCA in my opinion. Another thing I like about this book is when he asked about what amount of money will satisfy you. Many concepts in this book are American so Indian readers should search for Indian equivalents of those concepts and the Ray Dalio portfolio diversification, well someone should backtest that on the Indian market.

Either way, you can just index with NIFTY or SENSEX with Dollar-Cost averaging. If you know how to invest and how to not get emotional during mass pessimism, then this diversification is not for you and you are massively limiting yourself. Cautionary note, you should really be able to invest yourself though, not trading but INVESTING.

The best part of the book игра дурак на реальные деньги с реальными людьми my opinion were the final chapters, the act of giving. It enables you to help those in need and that will definitely make you happy, more than any amount of money will ever игра дурак на реальные деньги с реальными людьми able to do. Application of knowledge correctly in your life is power". Verified Purchase Tony Robbins is cashing out on his brand.

This book has no value for people looking to become rich. And Nothing about real Money. Its tips with references about how to park money with mediocre returns.

I feel a usual banks FD will be much safer and hassle free than all the other low return investment tools shown in this book in the Indian context.]



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Игра дурак на реальные деньги с реальными людьми



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